Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rapid Survey at Jowlagiri RF on Sept 12, 2009

Three transect routes have been marked out by the forest department and these three routes were taken up for survey
1. Pasumandoddi to Chennamalam (Gnanaskandan and party)
2. Jowlagiri to Kembudoddi (Khusro and Party)
3. Maragadadoddi to KembaraKotta (Debashish and party)
Three teams accompanied by their respective forest department personnel set off at 7:00 AM. There were 2 GPS between the 3 teams. Indirect evidences of Gaur, elephants and Chital etc were encoutered by all teams. The team on the second trek path also encountered pug marks of wild dog and jungle cat. Bird activity was subdued probably due to the overcast weather conditions.

Length of trek varied as all teams returned to the same starting point after touching the RF boundary. The longest was nearly 22 Kms. As the planned blocks were covered in one day, the teams dispersed in the afternoon after a couple of hours of birding in the early evening.

Eupatorium and Lantana are the most visible flora in most parts of the RF.

Team members:
1. Sanjeev
2. Khusro
3. GRP Karthik
4. Ajay
5. Gnanaskandan
6. Sripad
7. Varun
8. Debashish Bandophdhyay
9. Chandan Haldar
10. Rakesh Verma
11. Gowri Varanashi
12. Paul

Forest Department:
1. Forestor Rajamani
2. Muthu
3. Madangiriappa
4. Balakondappa

Food expenses were met by contributions from the volunteers, leaving over a surplus of Rs.500/- to KANS account.

Sanjeev Kumar S. R.
Vice President
Kenneth Anderson Nature Society



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