Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rapid Survey at Denkanikottai RF on Sept 5/6, 2009

Seven blocks were selected in Denkanikottai Range. These blocks are of various sizes and are in various reserve forests. Of these seven blocks four blocks which were in the vicinity of Aiyur were taken up for rapid ground survey.

Of the remaining blocks, Gutherayan RF was set aside for a comprehensive survey at a later date. Remaining 2 blocks have been set aside due to logistic reasons and non availability of volunteers. Some blocks of Anchetty and Denkanikottai range can be more easily covered from a convenient base camp other than Aiyur.

The four blocks selected had the following trek routes:
1. Galigattam to Mukankere
2. Mukankere to Aiyur
3. Nelkunthi to Panchapalli Eri
4. Denkanikottai extension reserve forest

Denkanikottai extension reserve forest could not be covered due to lack of resources.
The trek teams have noted down encouters of indirect evidences and direct sightings of birds on the data sheets.
Lack of GPS units
This survey was again hampered by lack of GPS units. Only one working GPS was available at the Field station at Aiyur. At least 4 working GPS will be required so that each team is equipped to note down significant indirect evidences of less sighted animals such as carnivores. This will be very helpful at a later stage when setting up Camera Traps.
Lack of ID Cards.
The team that surveyed Galigattam to Mukankere led by Saravanan was accosted by a large Police team lead by a Deputy Superintendent of Police carrying out combing operations. This happened when Sanjeev was dropping off the team to the starting point of the trek. The police could not be convinced even after we showed them permit letter from Hosur Division office and the Chief Wildlife Warden and demanded to see photo ID cards of ANCF. Unfortunately the name of KANS does not figure anywhere on the permit letters issued by either the Hosur Division or the CWW, hence they will be of no use. It is very important that the key personnel co-ordinating the survey have to be provided with photo ID cards. Anti Naxal operations are quite regular in these regions and a chance encounter can easily escalate into unsavory incidents. All KANS members carry their photo ID cards of the society and volunteers also need to be issued ID cards which are available with KANS. It is recommended that the following people Saravanan, Mohan and Madan be issued ANCF photo Id cards as soon as possible. It is also recommended that each trek team be accompanied by at
least one KANS member or ANCF member carrying their respective ID cards.

Team members:

1. Dr.Geetha Nayak
2. Saranavan
3. Karthikeyan
4. Khusro
5. Arvind Adhi
6. Manivanan
7. Akshay Ukey

Forest Department:

1. Kadirappan
2. Annadurai
3. Samappan
4. Nanjappan

Sanjeev Kumar S. R.
Vice President
Kenneth Anderson Nature Society



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