Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Synchronized Mammal Survey 2011

We have just received information from the Tamil Nadu Forest Department that the Synchronized Mammal Survey in Hosur Forest Division will be conducted on the 19th and 20th (Saturday and Sunday) of March 2011. They have requested our help and participation.

This is an excellent opportunity to explore and experience this vast forested area which we hope will soon be made a wildlife sanctuary. We request your participation to make this a successful survey.

How to Register

To register for the survey, kindly fill in and submit the following form:
(This is to avoid sending unnecessary emails to people in our volunteer database who will not be participating in this Mammal Survey)

  • Volunteers will have to report at the DFO's Office, Near Cattle Farm, Mathigiri, Hosur on Friday, 18th March at 06:00 PM. The survey will conclude by 02:00 PM on Sunday, 20th March.
  • Volunteers will have to reach Mathigiri by themselves. Pick up and drops to transect points will be arranged by the Forest Department. However please do keep your own options in case you want to move around.
  • Volunteers will be accommodated in various FD guest houses and camps available in various ranges.  Lady volunteers will be allotted ranges with the better guest house facilities.
  • Packed food will be arranged by the Forest Department.
We will send further information on arrangements, detailed programme and survey methods, documentation procedures etc to the people who register on the above link. If you have any queries, send it to

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