Monday, December 6, 2010

Global Warming Awareness Program at Nalanda School

Cheerful students, wonderfully supportive staff and complete co-operation and interest by FD more or less summarises the  Global Warming Awareness Program KANS conducted at Nalanda School, Krishnagiri on 4th December 2010.

The first programme was tree plantation by the students of various classes. The students and class teachers showed keen interest in planting the 120 saplings arranged by Mr. Thillairasan with support from Mr. Palanisamy, Range Officer, Interface Forestry Range. This takes the total number of saplings planted in Krishnagiri region to 1620! Range Officer Mr. Shivaji, who was the Chief Guest for the event explained to all of us what each sapling is and what all are its uses.

Next, we all moved to the mini-theatre and Laxmeesha gave a presentation on Global Warming. He explained the problem in simple terms for the students and also suggested small but effective steps to fight the issue.

This was followed by the screening of Shekar Dattatri's The Truth About Tigers. Those collective gasps during the 'violent' parts of the video (tiger's hunt and man's poaching) and the soft giggles when the video was showing the playful tiger cubs is a huge encouragement to extend this activity to other schools as well. Later, on seeing the English version of Truth About Tigers, Mr. Shivaji asked us for the Tamil version to show everyone at FD and we promised we will get a copy of it and send it across.

And, these cheerful faces were the best part of the event.

Rest of the pictures can be found here in our photo-stream:


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