Monday, December 6, 2010

First bird watching session by KANS

Twenty five students each from Sishya school and Titan school attended the first session of bird watching conducted by KANS on 28th november 2010. These sessions have been initiated to familiarise the students with the many species of birds that have made their home in and around Hosur and its forests. The students will also be educated about the behaviour and conservation of the  migratory birds that visit during the winter months.  KANS intends to conduct one session every month for the students from Hosur with the cooperation of school authorities who will appoint one teacher in each school for these activities.

The following activities were carried out:
1. A Slide Show on Common and endangered birds of India was presented by by Mr. Guruprasad Timmapur, a member of KANS at Titan School.  He also spoke about  the various services such as pollination and pest control performed by birds in general and also about some of the superstitions surrounding some of the birds.

2. The presentation was followed by a bird watching session at Sanamavu reserve forest on the outskirts of Hosur. The students, with the help of KANS members were broken into several groups and identified many common birds found in this scrub jungle. 

3. Finally a discussion was held with the children and they were given assignments to identify the birds in their neighborhood.
Deepa Mohan, who volunteered for the Bird watching session at Hosur gives us a photographic guide to the events that unfolded on the day here -



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great work! wonderful!

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