Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wildlife protection and enforcement training for the Hosur forest divısion

The team

As part of wildlife week celebrations KANS partnered by Wildlife First  conducted wildlife protection and enforcement training program for the Hosur forest divısion rangers and DFO, at Aiyur eco-awareness camp in Aiyur range in Hosur FD (Forest Division)

The training program was held on 19th November at the Aiyur eco-awareness camp,  hosted by the Tamil Nadu forest Division.  Praveen Bhargav, a trustee of Wildlife First, and a member of the National Board for Wildlife conducted the session for the  Hosur forest division rangers and DFO.  Around 35 Rangers from the Hosur FD, Dharmapuri FD's DFO, Hosur FD's DFO- Ulaganathan and CF (Conservator of forests)- Varadharjalu attended the program.

The following series of activities were conducted:

I.  Wildlife Protection:
  •         Explaining the importance of foot patrol, Mobile Patrols, Anti Poaching Camps and Check posts for the protection of the forests
  •       How to set up anti poaching camp and ideal number of such camps (3 per 100 sq. km)
  •       How to organize patrolling through patrols, tracks, etc., and gather intelligence through them
  •       How to tackle poachers, conduct raids.

II.  Wildlife protection enforcement
  •     Went through the key points in wildlife protection act, forest act and forest conservation act . (Like sections on filing cases)
  •     Detailed the process of lodging complaints and to make the case fool proof
  •     Interaction with the local police
  •     Detailed the settlement of tribal rights through various acts
  •     Through personal examples and citing various sources explained why the forests must be conserved.

The following event appeared in the Hindu, TN publication :


Blogger Laxmeesha said...

It was a very interesting workshop and the heartening fact was the Rangers who came up to us and asked to conduct similar workshops for the staff of their respective ranges,

December 30, 2010 at 11:10 AM  

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