Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Synchronized tiger census in Hosur Forest Division

This is going to be an interesting excercise as all the beats (around 65) are going to be covered, and it is expected that if tigers are present they will surely show up in the census. Besides it is also a good opportunity to come across other wildlife and birds that are found in this region such as elephants, sloth bear, leopard, dhole and the nearly 200 species of birds.

Date: February 20th to 25th

Considering that volunteers will be unable to spare weekdays, please confirm your availability for the 20, 21 weekend. If you can take the time off, you can continue to participate on the other days as well.

Important: In order to avoid sending unneccessary emails to people in our volunteer database who will not be participating in the Tiger census, I request you to kindly fill in this simple 3 line form to help us keep things simple:


I will be emailing a manual/presentation on the methods when I receive it from the FD to the people who register on the above link.

Best wishes
Sanjeev Kumar S.R
Kenneth Anderson Nature Society