Sunday, February 22, 2009

Uniform Donation to Forest Watchers of Hosur Forest Division

On 10th January 2009, Full uniform kits were distributed to 46 temporary watchers at Denkanikotta forest rest house today. This covers places from Urigam, Jowalagiri, Rayakotta, Denkanikotta, Anchetty and Krishnagiri. All these places figure largely in KA's stories. The kit included:
1. Sweater
2. Monkey cap
3. Cap
4. Socks (2 pairs)
5. Shoes
6. Belt
7. Shirt + Pant

These temporary watchers are soldiers of fortune and wardens of wildlife. They spend their lifetime protecting our wildlife and human lives from unfortunate conflicts and other dangers such as poaching and wanton killing. But, as the term temporary suggests, they do not receive full benefits of being a permanent arm of the Forest Department and hence are orphaned.

Forest watchers constitute the lowest rung of the Forest Department and are directly involved in field activity. There are confirmed employees who get paid around Rs.7, 000 a month but a large number of them are temporary employees who are usually paid around Rs.800 a month. It is also a well known fact that the FD is usually understaffed and these people are expected to fulfill more than one role.

Needless to say, this pittance is hardly sufficient to take care of the needs of one man, let alone a family. These watchers live far away from their families in remote jungles and still carry out their noble duty. The low pay is a serious cause for dissatisfaction and low morale among these foot soldiers of the FD. Often the salary is delayed and sometimes kind Range Officers or the like pay these watchers out of their own pockets.

To give them their due and recognize their unwavering and diligent service to humans and animals alike, KANS thought it would be appropriate to present them with what they need most. In appreciation of their endeavor to support wildlife causes, KANS partnered with Hosur Round Table and Ladies Circle to arrange funds to procure these materials. While the Hosur Ladies Circle and the Hosur Round Table made up the chunk of sponsorship, members and good Samaritans from KANS too provided funds toward this.

1. Hosur Round Table 87 : Rs.20,000/-
2. Ladies Circle 32 : Rs.20,000/-
3. Sanjeev Kumar S. R. : Rs.1000/-
4. Santosh Kumar S. R. : Rs.1000/-
5. Dr. Arvind Raj : Rs.1000/-
6. Laxmeesha Acharya: Rs.501/-
7. Anand Menon: Rs.1000/-
8. Naren Damodran: Rs.1000/-
9. Karthikeyan Sivagnanam
10. Jayraman Kakarla: Rs.1000/-
11. Arul K Kulathmony : Rs.1000/-
12. Nanda Ramesh : Rs.500/-

KANS would like to specifically thank Mr. Ganesan, DFO who has provided his unstinted support time and again.
(Inauguration of the Uniform Kit Distribution by the Mr. Ganesan, DFO – Hosur Forest Division. Presided by Ms. Jyotsna, Chairperson Hosur Ladies Circle 32, Mr. Chandrasekhar Kutty, Chairman Hosur round Table 87 who were the principal sponsors)

(Pictured here are Ms. Jyotsna, Chairperson, Hosur Ladies Circle 32, Mr. Chandrasekhar Kutty, Chairman Hosur Round Table 87 and A.S Hari, Director, Publicity – KANS and the beneficiaries).

The uniforms turned out to be really smart and the watchers were quite pleased and proud to wear them. This small gesture will help show our appreciation of the efforts being put in by these people and hopefully should motivate them.

KANS, through its innovative contact programmes endeavors to enhance the lives of all those who are guardians of nature and also aid the cause of conservation.



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